Hi, I’m Maša Planinc! I’m an interdisciplinary UX designer and Developer.

BSc in Computer Science MA in User Experience Design MSc in Graphic Engineering

About me

Hey there! Thanks for taking a look through my work.

I got enthusiastic about design even when I was studying Computer Science, which inspired me to do an MA in User Experience Design in London and an MSc in Graphic engineering in Ljubljana. I love UX design because it means using my software skills mixed with being among people, addressing their wants and needs.

If you want to get in touch about anything, fill out the form below or mail to planinc.masa@gmail.com.

I’m great at creating responsive websites, applying the UX design methods and coding.

I have the skills to conceive, prototype and realise human experiences in an interactive digital context.

I can create a range of graphics, such as logos, corporate identities, covers, landing pages, 3D renders and other designs.

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