I have worked as a UX/UI designer for ClearGage, a Florida based company that specializes in customized healthcare financing and payment solutions.


Redesigned the existing website for search engine optimization, added various graphics and improved the layout and copywriting. All the designs were made and prototyped in Figma.


The main project! I redesigned an old payment accelerator aka merchant portal to manage patient payments. Since the platform already has existing users, we first asked them what their problems and wishes are and continued with research, ideation, prototyping and testing. The biggest challenge was in presenting an enormous amount of information in a concise and transparent way, allowing users to use the platform quickly and effortlessly. We solved it with collapsing charts, advanced search and customisable quick actions.

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Ideated, designed and prototyped a patient portal application which allows patients to manage their outstanding balances, financial plans and loans in an easy and understandable way.

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