final outcome

Time: June 8 – June 14

Brief: Design a way to counter some of the alienating effects of remote working online.

My group: Melanie, Nayla, Lea

In our final week, we changed some of the visual aspects of the demo and recorded the sounds. To demonstrate all the added features we created two main scenarios. The first one showcased some of the main features the user can use in the platform as well as the interactions among a small group of young adults. As more people joined the space and the visual aspect changed, that led to the second scenario, where we presented the music options and interactions within a larger group of people. In order to make the demo more professional, we also asked a few people to lend their voices and recorded a video.


For our final presentation, we decided to let the demo speak for itself, therefore we only provided a quick introduction into the topic and then played the demo. The feedback from the tutors and IBM was really positive, for they thought that the idea was great and had a lot of potential of becoming a real platform. Many also commented that they would immediately start using the platform and that the exploration of the sound aspect was a great way of approaching the brief.

Play Video

Final demo.

Overall, this semester was definitely interesting and in comparison to others, a bit more challenging. Due to the pandemic, all the collaboration was done online and over long, sometimes quite intense Zoom calls. Despite our outcome being a digital product, I do believe we managed to join the digital and sensory experience in our platform. I hope that we will be able to work on this product in the future, as I have faith in it becoming a tool that would facilitate and enhance remote work experience by making it more enjoyable and interesting.