I’m great at creating responsive websites, applying the UX design methods and coding. I am familiar with many tools of the trade. However, I usually work in WordPress and ensure that the client can easily manage their website after it is created.


Website for a USA based company TurboFi that provides comprehensive financing solutions, empowering businesses to drive sales and achieve growth.


A redesign of a website and a mobile app for a Sports company that manages over 50 of the biggest sports and concert facilities in the capital of Slovenia.


A website for Bunker, a non-profit organization for the realization and organization of cultural events such as contemporary theater and dance performances.

I designed as well as programmed this website using WordPress to enable easier maintenance and updating for the administrative team. The site contains an interactive calendar, ticket reservation, portfolios, archive and contact information.


A portfolio website for a Chinese-Slovenian artist, painter, book illustrator, and author Huiqin Wang mostly showcasing her work over the years.


A website for a Slovenian based tech company, who wanted to give their old webpage a new look. They specialise in language tools such as dictionaries, chatbots and writing assistants. They wanted a fresh, friendly look that would attract different clients.

I designed as well as programmed this website using WordPress to enable easier maintenance and updating for the administrative team.


A portfolio based responsive website and one of my first freelance projects. Katja Mahne is a hair artist that focuses mainly on wedding hairstyles, therefore I tried to give a website a soft and feminine look while still keeping it modern.

3D scene tutorial

This website is the product of my undergraduate bachelor’s thesis at the Faculty of Computer and Information Science in Slovenia. It is an interactive tutorial on how to do a 3D scene and character for beginners. It includes everything from particle systems to nodes used in the Blender environment.


Designed a prototype for a user interface while working at Parsek d.o.o. It is an updated interface for Sunny Studio, a fitness, spa and restaurant located in Ljubljana.

During this project, I conducted a user-focused research, where I collected different types of information from different users (their age, daily schedules, wishes and expectations), combined the data into profiles and divided them into different groups according to their user status. When all aspects of users were broken down, I began to build a wireframe to best meet the requirements of all profiles. Once the flow was tested, I also designed a new look for the website.